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We have an open door policy and welcome parents to visit unannounced as often as they would like. We also welcome parents to volunteer within the center or classrooms.

The center is open from 7am-6pm. Our license prohibits us from having children onsite outside our hours of operation. Our teachers are welcome to babysit when First Steps is closed. These arrangements are typically made directly between the parent and teacher.

For children who nap at the center (full day programs) we offer stroller storage.

The Day to Day

As of September 2015, we will be providing a morning and afternoon snack. All snacks are included in the tuition. Snacks will include fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, yogurt, applesauce, celery and carrot sticks, etc. 

The children rest on plush mats. Fitted crib sheets (provided by the parent) fit the rest mats perfectly. The length of naptime varies from class to class. More information is provided within the classroom’s daily schedule which is included in the enrollment packet.

Weather permitting the children go outside two times per day- in the morning and in the afternoon. Children go for walks around the courtyard and enjoy the playground. 

The teachers complete progress reports in October/ November and again in May/June. Parent- Teacher conferences are hosted at that time to discuss any areas of concern, growth and further development.

Parents are welcome to call the center to check in at any time. Parents also email throughout the day for updates. Each day, parents are furnished with a Daily Sheet at pick-up which details the child’s day. Additionally, parents are always welcome to set up a time to meet with the classroom teacher and director to discuss their child’s development or progress. Additionally, the center will send out articles, neighborhood news/event information and other relevant material via email throughout the school year. 


First Steps offers the following program options:

Half Day (9am-12pm)

Full Day (7am-6pm)

Programs are offered 2,3,4 or 5 days per week and can be mixed and matched. Tuition is based on the child’s age and program option selected. 

During the tour, you will be furnished with a pre-enrollment form. In order to register, the first step is to submit the pre-registration form. Once received, the center will contact you regarding availability. The most important part of the pre-enrollment form is the space where you indicate when you would like the child to start and which program/ days you are looking for.

Registration/Enrollment is rolling and based on availability in the class.


We talk to older children and do not believe in punishment or time outs. If a behavior is increasingly difficult, we hold a conference with parents to discuss details and action steps. We are of the opinion that the teachers need to create a classroom that is safe and fun for all children. Children really cannot do anything wrong or “bad,” and our teachers are creative in their teaching in order to promote positive behaviors.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN FIRST STEPS EARLY LEARNING CENTER! We look forward to an opportunity to showcase the center and answer any additional questions!