Important goals of preschool programs are to help children acquire social skills and giving them the tools they need before school entry.


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s your three-year-old!

To your preschooler, nothing is impossible! They are opening up their world and developing special friendships. Together, they are learning new words and forming new ideas every day.

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Individualized care

Our preschool program includes:

Preschool program

A-B-C. 1-2-3. Your preschooler begins to connect letters, sounds and numbers, expanding their world through reading and math, building critical thinking skills, early physical fitness and nutrition. Here are some of the engaging programs and activities that your preschooler will look forward to every day.

Teachers guide and extend children’s thinking through purposeful play, meaningful questioning and direct instruction. Your child is engaged and having fun, not even aware that she’s developing skills to prepare her for reading and math.

Signature practices

Our Preschool program nurtures curiosity, creativity, confidence and compassion.


we meet kids where they are.


Our Infant Room is a nurturing environment that keeps your child safe, secure & content. They will actively interact and explore their world.


Our Toddler Class is a nurturing, stimulating environment where little ones can learn to explore multiple sights, sounds, and textures


Our Preschool Class extends its' curriculum to include activities that work to broaden children's vocabulary, skills, and give them a strong foundation.


We offer a learning experience that will fully prepare children and families for the transition into elementary school.